Back to Basics Life after learning PHP the WordPress way

I always thought Impostor Syndrome was bullshit. Then I realized I was 6 months in to running WP Dispensary full time and I had no idea what I was doing. Recently, I’ve been working on WPD v2.0 and have pushed myself to do things with code that I haven’t before. This lead me to question […]


? hue.js Open Source JavaScript Color Picker

I forked a color picker for WordPress I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t there a color picker in WordPress already? Yeah … ? Why a color picker for WordPress? Technically, the hue.js color picker works independently of WordPress, so it’s not a color picker for WordPress at all. But to understand “why a color picker […]

Set Featured Images Programmatically in WordPress Cycle through each WooCommerce product & automatically set it's featured image

Recently, I found myself needing to auto-set 300+ featured images for a customers WooCommerce store. After the initial panic phased itself out, I took a couple of deep breathes and realized I’ve done a few kinda-sorta similar things with custom functions in the past. After a few hours of hacking the code up and reformatting […]