Thank You WordPress15 years ago WordPress was first released and 13 years ago WordPress changed my life.

WordPress version 1.5, named Strayhorn after the pianist Billy Strayhorn because “we thought he was perfect to represent the power and elegance of this release” was released February 17th, 2002. That seems to hold true with the upgrades that 1.5 brought users and developers, like the addition of Pages, additional templates and site customization, comment […]

5 Things I’ve learned building my first blocks for GutenbergMy observations while building blocks and a Gutenberg ready theme for Pillar Press

Over the last few months I’ve watched as Gutenberg has been developed, silently taking notes, watching for patterns and possible areas to excel in. Then I found that the domain Pillar.Press was available and it snapped me into action. You see, for about 6 months I’ve had the name Pillar saved as a name idea […]