Peddle Free WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads

Pushing your product online is about to get a lot easier.

Today I am releasing my newest WordPress theme, Peddle, into the wild.

It’s a free WordPress theme that fully integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, which lets you (surprise, surprise) sell your digital products online through your own website.

Why the name Peddle? I chose the name Peddle for two reasons.

First, because Easy Digital Downloads abbreviates itself as EDD, and I wanted a theme name that had EDD in it.

Second, because of the definition of the word Peddle and how well it fits the theme of an online store.

to deal out, distribute, or dispense – Dictionary

Building this theme was actually a lot of fun because I was able to move past the regular blog theme setup and expand my knowledge of how WordPress works even further.

Plus, I have a website that I’m working on that I need EDD integration for (more on this later), so I was kind of scratching my own itch here. Continue readingPeddle Free WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads

MNML Free minimalist WordPress theme

Minimalism is beautiful.

There’s something about the clean, airy feeling you get when you look at a design that’s truly minimalist in it’s execution that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

At least that’s how it makes me feel.

In the spirit of beautiful minimalism, today I am releasing my second free WordPress theme to the community. I named it MNML in the spirit of minimalism (no vowels cluttering up the word Minimal).

This minimalist WordPress theme is 100% open source and free to do as you wish with it. It’s up on Github, so you’re able to fork it, push commits and let me know of any bugs you may find. Continue readingMNML Free minimalist WordPress theme

Run a Tor relay How to set up a Tor middle relay with Digital Ocean

Tor is an important tool for your privacy, security and freedom of speech. In an increasingly Orwellian world, Tor has become one of the most important tools, in my opinion, for you to be truly free online.

I would like to start doing my part to help out with a project that I’ve personally used for years, which is why I am writing up this guide on how to set up a Tor middle relay on a Digital Ocean droplet.

What is a Tor relay?

Over the years, Tor has been in need of middle relays in order to increase it’s speed, and provide a more reliable service for it’s users.

Tor relays are also referred to as “routers” or “nodes.” They receive traffic on the Tor network and pass it along. Check out the Tor website for a more detailed explanation of how Tor works.

For greater security, all Tor traffic passes through at least three relays before it reaches its destination. The first two relays are middle relays which receive traffic and pass it along to another relay.

Middle relays add to the speed and robustness of the Tor network without making the owner of the relay look like the source of the traffic.

The more middle relays that Tor has, the faster it goes, making it more likely that there will be more users, which in turn adds to the security of those on the network.

It’s a circle of growth that I would like to be a part of. Continue readingRun a Tor relay How to set up a Tor middle relay with Digital Ocean

Clean Blog Free WordPress theme for personal blogging

Today, I am releasing my first official open source WordPress theme. I’ve worked with WordPress for years, but have never created anything that is free to download … until now.

Being able to create open source projects, like WordPress themes, has always weighed heavy on my mind. Without WordPress itself, and the free themes released for it, I am not sure where I would have ended up in my professional career.

Open source saved my life.

I have always wanted to give back as much as possible. With the release of the Clean Blog theme, today is the first step in this never-ending process.

Clean Blog is a personal blogging theme, free of clutter, with a focus on the writers words while not sacrificing visual quality. Continue readingClean Blog Free WordPress theme for personal blogging