Patience Learning how to "hurry up and wait" while not blowing my brains out

The concept of not getting what I want right now, without having to wait, has been completely lost on me. I’m eager for the results, and a lot of the time, I lose any patience that’s required in order to get the results I want.

I blame it on my childhood.

Not because I was handed anything with a silver spoon, because anybody who knows me can tell you that my childhood was the exact opposite of that.

But what I did have as a child, and still do as an adult, is the ability to quickly pick things up and learn them. I participated in sports growing up, drew, wrote poetry and worked on computers.

No matter what I did, I learned quickly.

The bad thing is that this has bled over into my work life as an adult. Continue readingPatience Learning how to “hurry up and wait” while not blowing my brains out

WP Dispensary The complete marijuana dispensary menu solution for WordPress

Within the last few months I have been developing this plugin from the ground up. I’ve ensured that when the product was released, there would be a great use for it, and a demand for more solutions like it.

With a market that is 29 states strong right now, and more states positioned to legalize medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana over the next 5-10 years, I want to cater to this growing industry and provide the professional websites that dispensary owners deserve.

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Professional dispensary websites.

The goal of the WP Dispensary plugin is to give a dispensary owner the ability to add and edit their menu of products with ease, directly from their WordPress dashboard.

Mission accomplished! Continue readingWP Dispensary The complete marijuana dispensary menu solution for WordPress

Leafly Reviews WordPress plugin that let's you easily display your dispensary reviews from Leafly on your own site

You know those moments in your life where you step back and look around, knowing that things are about to change?

Yeah, I’m having one of those moments right now.

I’ve wrote a lot of code in my lifetime and customized other WordPress plugins in the past, but today marks a special moment in history, for me at least, because I am officially releasing my first WordPress plugin.

Leafly Reviews WordPress plugin

As a dispensary owner, or developer who works with marijuana dispensaries, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Leafly website before.

Odds are very high that a dispensary worth anything has a profile on Leafly and is getting reviews from patients.

Until today, there was not an easy way to showcase those reviews on your own website. That’s all about to change. Continue readingLeafly Reviews WordPress plugin that let’s you easily display your dispensary reviews from Leafly on your own site

Focus Finding success by figuring out what's most important

One question I’ve been asking myself lately is, how productive can you really claim to be if you’re not seeing results from your work?

Being motivated is great, and finding yourself putting a lot of rubber to the road is even better, but it doesn’t mean shit if you’re not focused.

I’ve been learning that the hard way.

Tom Mcfarlin recently wrote a great article on the latest and greatest technologies, where he touched on the urge to learn a bunch of different coding languages.

I’ve personally experienced this urge many times, and indeed, the struggle is real. Continue readingFocus Finding success by figuring out what’s most important